A Home On the Range

A modern epic Western love story: Jewish cowgirl Jessie grows up close with her Catholic neighbors, Dan and Chad. Adolescence brings romance—disrupted by religious differences and Dan’s taciturnity. Jessie moves away and struggles with two rough marriages and five children, while Dan struggles with Viet Nam and its aftermath. Chad buys and neglects Jessie’s childhood home. Jessie, 53, feels compelled to return home and make repairs. Sparks rekindle with Dan–and Chad.

This script differs from most Westerns in that it takes place over the second half of the Twentieth Century, and features a female point of view.

Brokeback Mountain if the character of Ennis was a Jewish cowgirl and her love interest(s), the two Catholic boys from the neighboring ranch.


Michelle Flaum comes of age in the shadow of her overbearing, multi-talented older brother Amnon, in 1969 Minneapolis and the milieu of high school theater.

Juno meets High School Musical with a touch of Across the Universe.

His Master’s Eyes

Based on the true story of John. L. Sinykin: A mischievous, dog-loving Jewish boy in the Czar’s Russia emigrates to a ranch in South Dakota, where his life is saved by an untrained dog. After moving to Minnesota as a young man, an encounter with a helpless blind WWI veteran on a train leads him to train the first guide dog for the blind in the United States, which he presents to blind Minnesota U.S. Senator Thomas Schall.