Yomi and the Fox

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(This column first appeared in the December 2016 AKC Gazette and is reproduced here with permission. To read or download the Gazette, visit akc.org/pubs/gazette.) Artwork dating back thousands of years in Israel depicts dogs like today’s Canaan Dog. Some theorize these dogs herded and guarded flocks for ancient Israelites, returning to the wild during Roman exile. The pariah dogs survived by … Read More

CatherineYomi and the Fox

Grass Pokes Through

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November 21, 2016 Snow Gives way To brittle lacy ice. Grass pokes through. There is a metaphor in this.

CatherineGrass Pokes Through

November 9, 2016: A Poem for My Daughters, My Sons…And the Pantsuit Nation

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The leaves have all fallen. And with them the giddy bright gold of early November. Time to remember winter Gather worn Sturdy Warm coats. Search for mittens– If mismatched, threadbare, full of holes– Buy new-fangled ones Or learn to knit. Share warm garments with Multitudes In danger of the cold Joyful colors of yesterday: Dead and brown. Treacherous old wood … Read More

CatherineNovember 9, 2016: A Poem for My Daughters, My Sons…And the Pantsuit Nation

October Gold

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Our senior year at Brandeis University, my friend Tzippi and I lived together with four other students in a student-housing town home called a “Mod.” In our yearbook group photo, I’m the one in the peasant blouse, patched jeans and black hat; next to Tzippi, in boots and a dark sweater. Rudy’s the four-legged dude in front of us. (Shh…technically, … Read More

CatherineOctober Gold

Matan Eats His Words

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Matan eats his words–because he can’t speak them. I think. Or maybe he’s just chewing over some ideas. This past year, I worked many long hours on the rewrite of my Young Adult science fiction novel, Star Jumper. Oodles of hours, really. More hours than you could shake a stick at. My Canaan Dog puppy, Matan, felt my time would be … Read More

CatherineMatan Eats His Words